Peanut and chicken soup

When I ran out of fresh produce to cook soups and didn’t have time to pay the market a visit, I usually fall on cooking this soup. This is because I always have peanuts at home and it is good enough to make a delicious clear soup.

Peanut and chicken soup

Peanut and chicken soup

Here’s the recipe:

Peanut and Chicken Soup


1/2 chicken and chicken feet, seasoned with salt

1 cup peanuts, washed and soaked

4 dried red dates, seeded

1 tbsp wolfberries (optional – I add this because of its nutritional values)

3 pods garlic

2 pc beancurd sheets


1. Heat up a pot of water to boiling

2. Add in the chicken, peanuts, red dates, garlic and wolfberries.

3. Let it simmer for about 45 minutes over low fire.

4. Stir occasionally and add a large pinch salt. It is done when the peanuts are cooked and softened.

5. Add in the beancurd sheets. Stir and let it soften.

6. Best to serve hot.

This soup goes well with rice. It can also be eaten as is.

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