Commercial mooncakes

Before I ventured into my mooncake making experiment, we bought some commercial mooncakes to try. So, if you are not the type to slave for hours to make your own mooncakes, you can always get pretty good commercial mooncakes available almost everywhere this month.

Leong Yin Mooncake

Leong Yin Mooncake

We have tried quite a few different ‘brands’ of mooncakes over the years and most are much too sweet. We usually stick to the few that are not too sweet such as the Leong Yin Mooncake and Foh San Mooncakes (from Ipoh).

Mixed nuts mooncake

Mixed nuts mooncake

We bought a few flavours, the mixed nuts, white lotus paste, tiramisu and pandan. What I like about Leong Yin Mooncakes is the freshness of their mooncakes and yes, it is made right here in Penang. In Butterworth, to be exact. And as I’ve mentioned before, it is not so sweet.

Leong Yin Mooncakes

Leong Yin Mooncakes

And during my visit to their shop along Patani Road, I noticed they also sell the mooncakes fillings for people like me who wants to try making mooncakes the easy way. No need to slave over a hot stove for hours to cook the fillings! They sell quite a variety of fillings too from modern flavours of blueberries, cheese, chocolate, tiramisu, dragonfruit to the more traditional white lotus paste and dark tau sar (red bean paste).

They even have a no-sugar added white lotus paste and not only that, they also sell the sugar-free alternative to golden syrup (for the making of mooncakes pastry).

Needless to say, their own mooncakes comes in a LOT of varieties that you will be spoilt for choice. The prices are from RM8 onwards.

To go to the shop for the mooncakes or the mooncake fillings (to make your own), click here for the map.

Here’s the address:

Leong Yin Pastry

81, Patani Road

Tel: 04-2292943, 2293503

Rating: 7/10

Price: $$$

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