Four Leaf Restaurant in Gama

This cosy little restaurant is tucked in a corner of one of the oldest supermarkets in Penang, Gama, situated in the middle of town. It is probably the same organisation as the bakery in Gama as the name is the same.

We’ve eaten at this tiny little restaurant a few times and what I like most about the place is the warmth and friendliness of the staff. The food is also reasonably priced and portions are quite okay.

Their most popular dish, fried rice

Their most popular dish, fried rice

We usually order their fried rice which comes with an egg and two pieces of fried belacan chicken. They also have fried garlic rice and nasi lemak. Sadly, the chicken have shrunk but the taste is still the same. Although this is almost like their signature dish, I wouldn’t say it is the best fried rice ever. If anything, it is a nice place to have some local food, enjoy the air-cond and at cheaper prices than a bigger restaurant.

Bihun Soup

Bihun Soup

Surprisingly, their bihun soup is quite tasty. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as some places I’ve been but for a small restaurant famous for its fried rice, it is quite okay.

Fried Tom Yam Bihun

Fried Tom Yam Bihun

This is by far the worst fried tom yam bihun I have ever tasted! It is quite bland and comes with only tiny bits of chicken meat and a few strips of vegetables. There’s a lot of bihun, though. And it is very,very dry too. Very hard to chew and swallow this. Totally out. Do not order this!

Overall, I like the environment and the convenience. You can park in Gama’s basement carpark (only 60 sen per hour) and even go do some grocery shopping during lunch hour before stopping by there for lunch. They serve the food quite fast so no worries about wasted time waiting for the food. They also have some western dishes but I won’t recommend that because the portions are really, really small (barely a mouthful) and yes, it is not worth the price.  Better to go for Asian dishes, although the portion sizes are shrinking as time goes.

I’ll bet it’s not only happening in this restaurant but also at hawker stalls and other restaurants. It is either smaller portions or higher prices.

Rating: 5/ 10

Price: $$$ (prices are from RM5.50 onwards)

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Comments: 2

  1. engineer September 2, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    How come the size of servings shrinking but the waistline still expanding???

    I tell people I need big serving because I am a growing boy. I may have stopped growing upwards but I am definitely growing sideways.

  2. Foong September 3, 2008 at 12:17 am

    engineer: that’s because you keep increasing the number of serving!

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