Moist non-bake dates and nuts brownie recipe

The other day, my blender broke down on me just as I was preparing a non-bake dates and chocolate brownie recipe I got off from one of the fitness social networking sites I was on. It’s supposed to be healthy and all that since the recipe is sugar free and full of natural ingredients.

Since I usually take time to start making special desserts in the evening, it was a bit late to be rushing out to get a new blender. So, no thanks to that lousy blender, I was left with a pile of half-blended dates, almonds, pistachios with a covering of cocoa powder. It was hardly edible, it was a disaster.

What do I do now?

I improvised. And here’s the result:

Non-bake Dates and Nuts Brownies

Non-bake Dates and Nuts Brownies

This is what you get when you mix dates with nuts and smother it with chocolate….heheheh…It actually turned out SO much better than I could imagine. It’s moist with a smooth, rich texture and oh, the wonderful chocolatey taste. It is just like a baked brownie, only much better. Goes absolutely wonderfully with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce. Mmm….mmm…..

Alright,’s the recipe:

Non-bake Dates and Nuts Brownie


200g dates, pitted (get those that are moist, not the dry ones)

3 tbsp almond nibs

3 tbsp pistachio, shelled

50g cocoa powder

100g dark chocolate

80g butter


1. Place the pitted dates, cocoa powder and nuts in a blender. Blend until it is all mixed together and well combined.

2. Boil a pan of water and place a big heatproof bowl over it. Melt the butter and dark chocolate in the bowl.

3. Add in the dates mixture and stir. Drizzle about 2 tbsp of chocolate sauce into it.

4. Combine the mixture well and then remove from heat. Dish mixture into a cake pan or ramekins, press it in and flatten it with a spatula, then leave to cool.

5. After it has cooled down, refrigerate it for several hours.

6. Best served cold with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top and yes, a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Non-bake dates and nuts brownie best served with ice cream

Non-bake dates and nuts brownie best served with ice cream

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