Cabbage recipe: An easy cabbage omelette

After using some of the cabbage for the pita meal and then for a Simple Cabbage Soup, I still have way loads of cabbage to cook. So, next I modified a Japanese cabbage pancake recipe and end up with a cabbage omelette. Yeah, I know it sounds darn horrible especially for those with something against cabbage, but really, it’s not all that bad.

Okay, if you really hate cabbage that much, you don’t have to suffer through this recipe. Or the next one, for that matter. I promise, after tomorrow, I won’t be posting anymore cabbage recipe. Not that I don’t blame you for hating cabbage, after several days of thinking of how to cook ’em and having to eat cabbage, I could well understand your hate for cabbage. Even I don’t want to have anything to do with cabbage for at least a year. Or two. For the cabbage lovers or those who suddenly found themselves stuck with a huge head of cabbage -figuratively speaking, that is- here’s another simple cabbage recipe:

Cabbage Omelette


4 large leaves of cabbage, sliced thinly

two eggs, beaten

dash of sea salt

2 tbsp flour

1tbsp corn flour


1. Lightly beat the eggs in a bowl. Add the salt, the flour and the corn flour. Mix well. Then add the cabbage to the mixture.

2. Heat up some oil in the wok or pan. Then pour a ladleful of the mixture in.

3. Lower the heat to medium low. Turn over the omelette when its cooked and then let it cook for a while more. Once it is done, you can remove and serve hot.

You really need to serve it hot or else when cold, it does get a bit sticky and unpalatable. Or maybe it’s just me. Whatever it is, this is a vegetable omelette so it is sorta healthy too.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you my final way of ridding my fridge of cooking cabbage.

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