Healthy Soya Milk Pudding, well sort of healthy…

Okay, so the past few posts are calorie-loaded, fat-loaded, sinfully wonderful desserts so I think it is only right I put up a comparatively healthier dessert recipe that made its appearance only in recent years. I don’t even know what it’s called but most of the stalls selling this dessert will often label it as Soya Milk Jelly. Well, I would say it is more like a soya milk pudding than anything.

I made it with a can of evaporated milk instead of soya milk since I had that available. It is pretty easy to make actually and does not take up much time, except for the waiting time for it to firm up.

These are the ingredients needed for the soya milk pudding

All you really need is sugar, jelly powder, water and milk or soya milk. If you like some canned longans in it, you can also have that ready and open a can.

get your containers ready

Get the containers ready, the plastic cups with covers. I use the cup as measurements for the amount of water or sugar needed. I think each cup is about 200ml. So, if you are making 15 cups of pudding, you will need 15 cups of water, 1 cup sugar, half can of the evaporated milk and half packet of the jelly powder. First, you will need to dissolve the jelly powder, bring the 15 cups of water to boil, add the sugar, jelly solution and the milk.

boil the water, add the sugar and the dissolved jelly and milk

Once it’s cool down, you can pour into the containers.

pour into the containers

soya milk pudding

You then wait for it to really become firm before you add the canned longans and some of the syrup from the canned longans.

add the canned longans

Refrigerate and serve cold. It’s great as dessert, tea time snack or for the sake of eating something sweet but not so sinful. The cups I’m referring to here are the containers we use for the pudding. Here’s the recipe and simple instructions:

Soya Milk Pudding Recipe

(This recipe is for 34 servings)


34 cups of water (about 200ml each cup)

3 cups of sugar (300g)

1 can of evaporated milk or soya milk (400g)

1 packet of the jelly powder (as in the picture above or about 50g)


1. Dissolve the jelly powder in 200ml of water

2. Heat up the 34 cups of water in a pan.

3. Add the sugar and let it dissolve.

4. Add in the dissolved jelly and the milk or soya milk.

5. Stir over medium heat for about 15 minutes.

6. Remove from heat and leave to cool but before it firms up.

7. Pour into the cups and leave it to firm up.

8. Add the canned longans to each cup, then refrigerate. Serve cold.

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  1. cariso August 22, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Your way of measurement is easy to remember. 15 cups jelly uses 15 cups water. :)
    .-= cariso´s last blog ..Tea Break @ Summer Garden =-.

  2. tracieMoo August 25, 2009 at 11:18 am

    soya bean and longan are really good blends! it has been some time since I had this.. really simple and yummy dessert.. and also.. healthy! hehe =)
    .-= tracieMoo´s last blog ..My Loaf Story. =-.

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