Who cares about calories when it comes to Chinese New Year cookies

It’s Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year season! And the best thing about this festival is loads and loads of good food, especially cookies, cookies and more cookies. ~Yumz~

Yeah, as you well know, I am a real cookie monster and I have this thing for baking all sorts of desserts from cakes to cookies. It’s been awhile since I baked cookies in recent times (due to my cutting calories so that I could fit into a cheongsam I bought for the CNY!) so CNY is as good a reason as any to bake, bake and bake loads of cookies!

I baked the traditional peanut cookies, pineapple rolls and I made meat floss rolls too. These are 3 of my favorites during Chinese New Year so of course, naturally I have to make these! Nothing beats home made cookies.

The traditional peanut cookies are rather easy to make if you have a food processor to help you knead the dough into this smooth, pliable dough:

So that you could shape it into these small little balls and then indent it with an icing tip:

Then you bake it for about 10 minutes to get these:

I simply love, love, LOVE peanut cookies aka fah sang peng aka thor tau pneah. They melt in your mouth into smooth, rich, crumbly peanut buttery taste. Absolutely heavenly.

As for the pineapple rolls, just add flour, baking powder, corn flour and icing sugar together like this:

And rub the butter in too. It will form a smooth dough like this..

Just form balls and wrap it around pineapple jam or pineapple paste(which can be made or bought, whichever floats your boat). Paint it with some egg wash and then, just bake for around 10 minutes or so, you get this…

I love pineapple rolls too because of the crumbly pastry warpped around the sweet and sour filling. Yummy!!!

So who cares about calorie count when there’s yummy goodies like this to eat?!?!

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  1. Malaysia Freelancers February 27, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Crave for food but still have to care for health. CNY could be an exception though. Cheers!

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