Godiva chocolatier: is it worth the price?

It’s very seldom I go to KL and when I do go, we’d be doing the shopping complex rounds and I’ve come across Godiva Chocolatier quite a few times.Since I’m a die-hard chocoholic, of course I gave in to temptation and tried it. I didn’t really go for the cakes but I went for their Chocolate Decadence smoothies…

It costs me RM24. So, it is worth it?

The taste: It’s thick, very chocolatey and rich. The burst of rich, sweet, to-die-for chocolate in your mouth is simply delicious. It’s something I’d drink again and again. But….

The price: it’s not worth it to spend so much on a chocolate drink.

If it’s priced RM10 less, then it’s ok. Maybe I’d even pay up to RM18 for it but not more than that.

Next…I bought a bar of their chocolates too..

It’s RM20 for a 48g bar. So, is it any good?

It’s dark chocolate with praline. Though I’d expect it to be phenomenally good, it’s a bit of a let down.

The taste: yes, it’s dark chocolate, so it’s quite rich. It melts in your mouth rather quickly. The praline tastes kinda weird, it’s sweet but that’s just it. Nothing great about it.

The price: it’s definitely NOT worth the price you pay for such a tiny bar of chocolate. I’d say it’s highway robbery!!!! Based on the taste and quality of the chocolate, I’d only pay at most RM8 for that tiny bar of chocolate.

Overall, this so-called chocolatier may be a nice place to hangout while enjoying some drinks and snacks but that’s it. I wouldn’t spend my money here for the chocolates because there’s nothing great about it at all. Nothing to shout about. Seriously. I’d rather spend the money on good couverture chocolate and make my own chocolate pralines which will probably taste WAY better.

Overall Taste: 7/10

Price: $$$$

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