Art Influenced Food Photography

Special guest post from renowned food photographer Lucas Zarebinski:

I have always been influenced by paintings and visual art that incorporates vast number of small objects that make up the final piece. Patterns that emerge from repetition of the same items. I just try to do the same with my  food photography at times, finding cool objects with interesting colors and shapes. I simply then spent time making patterns out of them, building towers or just throwing them onto the background until something catches my attention.

When it came around to do the “Haribo Cola” image – I wanted to do a series of photographs of candy. As part of a test ( not an assignment ) I wanted to explore color and shapes. I set out to find jolly ranches, gummy bears, swedish and rock candy. Playing with different items in the studio I started to see something interesting in placing these white/brown candies really close to each other – like they were going against each other , almost like being at war. I wanted to try a different angle for this picture to have a bit more dimension for the items being photographed – but in the end the direct approach seemed to have the best effect.

After deciding on the angle I spent some time moving lights around and thinking about lighting it in a most interesting way. I wanted to emphasize on the texture on the subject without loosing its interesting color qualities. Once the lights were set in the place ( I believe mostly lit from behind ) and the composition was finalized – I got this quite airy and colorful photograph I love going back to. Its often a method on trial and error before you end up with your finished image. You should always try different options of lighting / angles / composition to explore the subject to the max because in the end you will get rewarded.


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