Between deviled eggs and beading

I have rather remiss in updating this blog of late…actually I’ve been lagging for the past year or so due to lots of stuff going on at home, at work…etc…Sometimes, I really wish I had more time. More time to spend with the kids. More time to do my own stuffs. More time to blog. More time to work on my internet marketing thing. More time to develop my websites and start earning money online again. More time to indulge in my beading and jewelry making hobby. More time. More time. More time.


I used to make these cute, pretty little trinkets for fun and to sell. I’d make earrings. I’d make rings. I’d make bracelets. Beaded costume jewelries are fun to make and can be really versatile too. Best of all, if I make it myself, it’s cheaper than buying elsewhere. Seriously. I love shopping for beads. Just look at the gorgeous colours…

Unfortunately, I’ve now a lot of beads but no time to get my hands on it to do some serious beading. Sad, isn’t it? My fingers are really itching to get down to it but I simply can’t find time to do any of it!

But I digress, lets get to the deviled eggs…

Nowadays, to cut down on expenses and as part of my new healthy eating lifestyle, I prepare my own lunch every day. Usually I’d cook a lot on the weekends, freeze it and reheat it and pack it for lunch every morning. Sometimes, I’d be so busy and in the end, I didn’t cook anything much. That means I’d have to improvise and prepare something simple and easy to pack for lunch at work.

Recently, I got some avocado…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE avocado…yumz…so, on one of those occasions when I didn’t prepare a complicated lunch, I made avocado deviled eggs. Simple, easy and so damn delicious, it’s almost unbelievable that it only takes me about 10 minutes to prepare.

I just love the creamy taste of the avocado. And best of all, it’s very good for health too. It’s full of essential vitamins, etc, etc…it can be a ‘fatty’ fruit but it’s so packed full of nutrients, it doesn’t really matter! When you add it with egg, it makes for a really healthy good fat, high protein meal. Just team it with a bed of salad and beans and you have a very complete meal of vegetables, fruit, and protein. What more, it requires very little cooking too.

Here it is:

Avocado Deviled Eggs Recipe


2 large eggs

Half avocado (medium size)

A dash ground black pepper

A dash of sea salt

A dash of cayenne pepper

Fresh mixed salad


1. Boil the eggs for 15 minutes to hard-boil it.

2.Shell the eggs and cut it into half.

3. Remove the yolks.

4. Smash the yolks together with the avocado until creamy. Add a dash of salt for taste. (Or use a food processor to do the smashing)

5. Then, scoop the mixture onto the halved eggs.

6. Add dashes of fresh ground black pepper, cayenne pepper and sea salt according to taste.

7. Place on top of the fresh mixed salad vegetables and you have you complete healthy meal!

See? Easy to do and so delicious, it’s like a gourmet meal. Well. Sort of. ¬†Enjoy!



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