Coffee Brewing Tips for Making the Best Coffee At Home

This is a guest post about coffee for the coffee lovers out there.

Every coffee lover has tasted the brew from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Crème, Coffee Bean, etc. Coffee lovers don’t go to these establishments because of the food but because of the excellent cup of coffee they serve. Most serious coffee lovers have a level of standard that can sometimes be difficult to achieve at home, especially when one has never been taught the proper way to brew coffee. In fact, the main reason that many spend so much money at coffee houses is because they can’t seem to get the perfect brew at home.

Ever wondered how they make a simple cup of coffee taste so much better than yours? Below are tips on how to brew the best coffee right in your own home, just like the experts!

Rule Number 1: Never Use Tap Water

Tap water that is unfiltered ruins the taste of coffee each and every time. This is because it contains trace sediments and minerals that mingle with the taste of the coffee. Always use filtered water by buying your own tap filter (preferably charcoal) or stocking up on some mineral water or just using commercial bottled water.

Rule Number 2: The Roast

Know what you want in terms of taste and know what kind of roast meets the same. You can browse online and read articles about the different kinds of roasts. However the best way to go about this is to go to your local coffee shop and ask about the types of roasts, sample each type and then take your pick.

Rule Number 3: The Grind

Different brewing methods require different types of grind. Knowing the difference means making the most out of your beans and your coffee maker. Again you can go online to get the information but best follow through with a visit to your favorite coffee shop and take tips from your friendly barista. Remember, freshly ground beans always taste better than store ground beans so seriously consider buying your own coffee grinder and grind only the beans that you intend to use for a day or two.

Rule Number 4: Your Equipment

The type of coffee maker you use really does determine the taste of the final brew. If you want the boldest taste and do not mind the sediments or a few stray grounds, then buy a coffee press. If you want a cup of strong espresso, then buy a moka pot. If you want a lighter and sediment free brew, then buy a drip coffee system. If you want it all and have the budget, buy a next generation automatic coffee maker. Remember to read the instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance. This is because an improperly used and poorly cleaned brewing equipment will not function at its best.


One thing to remember about brewing coffee is that just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Keep brewing and tweaking. Try different roasts and beans until you find the flavor you love. Also, remember that you can purchase your favorite coffee in bean form at Starbucks and you will be much more likely to create that same flavor at home.

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