How to Make a Yummy Pot Roast in One Hour

Since I don’t cook beef nor eat beef, here’s a guest post for one of the more famous beef recipe:

Pot roast was always one of my favorites growing up. I still remember the smell of the kitchen as my mom cooked her traditional recipe from scratch. I loved the combination of vegetables and tender meat that crumbled with the touch of a fork. My mom was a purist at heart and always used slow-cooking as her preferred method.

While there’s no denying the results, I don’t often have five hours to prepare a pot roast in a slow cooker. That’s why I’ve adapted my recipe for use with my trusty pressure cooker. Of course nothing ever tastes as good as what mom makes, but I have to say my version comes pretty close. This is the perfect dish to prepare if you’re short on time but you still want a full flavorful dinner that your whole family can enjoy.

Pot Roast Recipe


4 Pounds Boneless Chuck

2 tablespoons olive oil

4 cloves garlic, crushed or diced

1 white onion, diced

1 can tomato soup

1/4 cup red wine

1/2 cup water

2 large potaoes

3 carrots

Fresh ground pepper


1. In a large frying pan or skillet, add oil and half your garlic.

2. Brown your Chuck roast on all sides.

3. Once your roast is properly seared, put it into your pressure cooker. Add your onions and the rest of your garlic to the frying pan to cook and absorb any extra juices. Once your onions and garlic are lightly browned, put everything into your pressure cooker.

4. Add all of the other ingredients into your pressure cooker. The potatoes and carrots can be chopped however you like, in general cubes work best for the potatoes and slices work best for carrots.

5. Cover and pressure cook for about 45 minutes to an hour.

6. Once cooker has cooled, open the lid and check the consistency of the gravy. If you want it thicker, simply pour it into another pan and add cornstarch with water.

Extra Tips

This recipe works for slow cookers as well, the only difference is adding your vegetables with an hour left in the cooking process.

Chuck works well for pot roast, and don’t be tempted to go with a more expensive cut of meat. After the cooking process, it’s all going to taste the same anyways. This is the perfect chance to use a cheaper ingredient were your money goes along way.

You’ll notice that this recipe contains no salt. As the meat cooks down and flavors the gravy, you’ll find there’s more than enough taste. Sometimes adding extra salt can be too much so make sure to taste test first.

This recipe uses a can of tomato soup but you can also opt for mushroom soup. Or you can use beef stock for a more pure and concentrated taste. You can also convert this recipe into curry by cubing your meat beforehand and using a can of your favorite curry sauce.

And there you have it, my version of homemade pot roast that will make mom proud. I usually let it sit for 10 minutes after cooking which gives me enough time to set the table. And with everything prepared in one pot at the same time, it gives me plenty of time to prepare side dishes like salad or rice.

As you can see, one-pot cooking offers lots of advantages for people with limited time. To make this recipe even more low-maintenance, you can invest in an electric pressure cooker which alleviates the hassles of having to monitor your pot all the time. You can find a good one at a reasonable price at Tender Cookers, and it will end up paying for itself in no time. This is the perfect way to make family meals a more regular part of your daily routine.

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