Marshmallows galore

Marshmallows reminds me of childhood and carefree days.
It reminds me of how I used to buy packets of it and really stuffed my face with it.
It also reminds me of how, when I brought it to school for Children’s Day, none of my classmates liked it. In fact, they hated it and started throwing it around.┬áTill now I still wonder why so many locals don’t like marshmallows. It’s soft and sweet and if you roast it, it’s like warm ice cream. How could anyone not like it?
So, imagine my delight when I find this cute little cafe at Straits Quay. It’s called Huey & Wah Cafe and it’s located near a florist along the row of the main entrance, not within the complex. The cafe contains only several tables and is simply decorated. It doesn’t offer much in terms of food but it is a cafe after all, so you can go there for some drinks and naturally, marshmallows!
As you can see, the cafe is really quite simply decorated with a few tables. At the counter, you will see packets of marshmallows and on the bottom, bottles of marshmallows.
These are handmade marshmallows. One of the owners, Huey, makes them herself. It’s not easy to make marshmallows, mind you. It takes hours of stirring stuffs, waiting, stirring, cutting, rolling, etc, etc, etc….I used to have the recipe to make em but I didn’t bother trying to make em. No point making marshmallows when I’m not supposed to be eating so much sweet stuffs.
Anyway, Huey, who is really very friendly, makes several flavors of marshmallows; plain ole vanilla, chocolate, lemon, green tea, passionfruit and get this, stout!
I personally feel the vanilla ones are rather sweet but I absolutely LOVE the others, ESPECIALLY the chocolate ones. That’s because the chocolate ones are made using dark cocoa powder so they are only slightly sweet and is richly chocolate-y. As for the lemon and passionfruit, the tangy flavours of the fruit balances it out perfectly. The green tea marshmallow tastes rather interesting and though it sounds weird, it actually tasted better than the vanilla ones. And finally, the stout. Yes, it’s actually flavoured with stout and believe it or not, it’s also really good! In fact, it goes really, really well with hot coffee. Seriously. No joke.
As you can see from the above pictures, the pricing is rather reasonable, though it won’t be as cheap as the ones you can get from the stores. However, if you are really into marshmallows, do give hers a try. It’s all purely handmade by her, no preservatives (as the marshmallows can only keep for about a week before it gets all mouldy) and trust me, you won’t be able to find green tea, stout, lemon or passionfruit marshmallows anywhere else.
So, if you are craving something sweet and flavourful, drop by at Huey & Wah Cafe. Have a hot chocolate and enjoy marshmallows that you can’t find anywhere else (at least not in Penang). And no, this is not a paid post or advertorial. I actually like their cafe, that’s why I am writing about it.
Huey & Wah Cafe
Tel: +604-890 3962
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