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A simple chicken soup with noodles for sick days

My son was down with a horrid hacking cough for the past week or so and then he started throwing… Continue reading »

Who cares about calories when it comes to Chinese New Year cookies

It’s Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year season! And the best thing about this festival is loads and… Continue reading »

Easy and simple one dish meals for lazy Sundays

Sundays are usually lazy, relaxing days for most people. Well, for most people except for mothers. Just like any other… Continue reading »

Baked Chocolate Mooncake Skin

I know, I know…another chocolate dessert recipe but it is the mooncake festival anyway. And I don’t know why but… Continue reading »

Healthy Soya Milk Pudding, well sort of healthy…

Okay, so the past few posts are calorie-loaded, fat-loaded, sinfully wonderful desserts so I think it is only right I… Continue reading »

Chicken recipes: Boiled chicken and homemade chicken stock

I know, boiled chicken just sound so bland. And boring. And plain. But do read on and you will see… Continue reading »

Yummy Egg Tarts

After torturing you for three straight days with my cabbage recipes, I feel so bad that I think I better… Continue reading »

Cabbage recipe: An easy cabbage omelette

After using some of the cabbage for the pita meal and then for a Simple Cabbage Soup, I still have… Continue reading »

What do you do with a huge head of cabbage?

So, we got a huge head of cabbage from a neighbour recently and what am I going to do with… Continue reading »

Chicken breast recipes: Stir-fried chicken breast meat with basil

When we talk about chicken breast meat, I can safely say it is pretty much our staple food at home…. Continue reading »

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