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How to Make a Yummy Pot Roast in One Hour

Since I don’t cook beef nor eat beef, here’s a guest post for one of the more famous beef recipe:… Continue reading »

Between deviled eggs and beading

I have rather remiss in updating this blog of late…actually I’ve been lagging for the past year or so due… Continue reading »

Easy Healthy Homemade Apple Butter

We always have a lot of apples at home. That’s why I have so many apple recipes from apple cheesecake… Continue reading »

Easy Clam Chowder Recipe

One of my daughter’s favourite soups is clam chowder. For the longest time, I had always have this misconception that… Continue reading »

Simple Roast Chicken Recipe You Can Do With Your Eyes Closed

Having some guests coming over to dinner and you are at a lost of what to prepare? Or you are… Continue reading »

Easy Mooncake Recipe

It’s the eighth lunar month which means the Mid-Autumn Festival is here! To those who doesn’t know what it means…well,… Continue reading »

A simple chicken soup with noodles for sick days

My son was down with a horrid hacking cough for the past week or so and then he started throwing… Continue reading »

Delicious Apple Cheesecake Recipe

Dear readers. Please note that this post is a sticky post to highlight my favorite recipe (which I will change… Continue reading »

Combine apple and chocolate to get delicious, rich chocolate apple cake

Who would have thought that apple and chocolate could go so well together? I had quite a few apples to… Continue reading »

What happens when you combine fruit and chocolate?

You get an absolutely scrumptious moist and delicious chocolate dessert. Yep, when you combine a fruit, namely moist delicious, healthy… Continue reading »

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