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Simple Roast Chicken Recipe You Can Do With Your Eyes Closed

Having some guests coming over to dinner and you are at a lost of what to prepare? Or you are… Continue reading »

A simple chicken soup with noodles for sick days

My son was down with a horrid hacking cough for the past week or so and then he started throwing… Continue reading »

How to cook Quinoa: Healthy stir-fried Quinoa Mushroom Chicken

I have been using Quinoa as a protein substitute in quite a lot of my recipes and sometimes, it is… Continue reading »

How To Cook Quinoa Recipes: Delicious healthy quinoa salsa stew

I used to make a lot of salsa, then bottle them up and keep in the freezer. I’d use them… Continue reading »

Chicken recipes: Boiled chicken and homemade chicken stock

I know, boiled chicken just sound so bland. And boring. And plain. But do read on and you will see… Continue reading »

Chicken breast recipes: Healthy wholesome pita with baked chicken breast recipe

Once in a while, I’d get this craving for pita bread, wholemeal pita bread, that is. And no, I am… Continue reading »

Chicken breast recipes: Stir-fried chicken breast meat with basil

When we talk about chicken breast meat, I can safely say it is pretty much our staple food at home…. Continue reading »

Chicken recipes: Simple stir-fried chicken

Chicken Recipes series I cook on most weekends and sometimes I’d be too busy to prepare complicated dishes so I’d… Continue reading »

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