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Foods that prevent cancer

Quite a few months back, I wrote a post about heart healthy foods due to a lifestyle change but after… Continue reading »

Dates with nuts

It is Bulan Ramadhan (the Muslim fasting month) and the most common food readily available this month are… I love… Continue reading »

The wonder herb called Rosemary

I was introduced to the wonderful world of fresh herbs by The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver. Amongst the many herbs… Continue reading »

Cinnamon rolls at Penang Adventist Bakery

I love cinnamon rolls and I used to eat it by slowly unrolling it and getting my fingers all sticky…. Continue reading »

Save costs, make your own refreshing healthy drink

If you enjoy smoothies and fruit juices, why not make your own at home? All you need are the fruits… Continue reading »

Heart healthy foods you should add to your diet

Due to our recent lifestyle changes for more healthy foods in our diets, I did some research and found that… Continue reading »

Honey, oh sweet honey

When I say honey, I meant the real honey, not the human type of honey….heh… So, honey has quite a… Continue reading »

Porridge for all occasions

I still remember the months I had to cook porridge day in day out for my son when he first… Continue reading »

Healthy bread without preservatives

I am a bread addict. Not just any bread, I only eat wholemeal bread from certain outlets and no, it… Continue reading »

Okra (Ladies Fingers) For Health

The common bendi (or okra / ladies fingers) we often eat with curry or stir fried, is quite a nutritious… Continue reading »

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