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Chicken recipes: Boiled chicken and homemade chicken stock

I know, boiled chicken just sound so bland. And boring. And plain. But do read on and you will see… Continue reading »

What do you do with a huge head of cabbage?

So, we got a huge head of cabbage from a neighbour recently and what am I going to do with… Continue reading »

Burdock root rice

Burdock root is not commonly used for cooking but now it is slowly catching on with burdock root being sold… Continue reading »

Porridge for all occasions

I still remember the months I had to cook porridge day in day out for my son when he first… Continue reading »

Okra (Ladies Fingers) For Health

The common bendi (or okra / ladies fingers) we often eat with curry or stir fried, is quite a nutritious… Continue reading »

Tomatoes and Mushroom Omelette

Normally, I do not have time to eat in the mornings so my usual breakfast is just a cup of… Continue reading »

Wolfberries or kei chi are good for our health

Wolfberries (Lycium Barbarum) or locally known as kei chi (cantonese) / kee chee ( hokkien) is a very healthy ingredient… Continue reading »

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