About Us

This food blog was initially started in 2008 as a hobby to fill it with recipes and also places to eat in Penang, Malaysia and sometimes, outside Malaysia too. Over the years, the blog was updated quite regularly but somehow, due to work, family, children, etc, the updates became lesser and for the past few years, it’s been left dormant, almost untouched except for a few stray posts here and there.

Now, due to our love for food, which I’m sure you’d have guessed from the hundreds of food posts here, and our love for Penang food, we have decided to become Penang food explorers!

What’s that, you ask?
It simply means we are not boring tour guides showing you spots you could have googled but we are food loving people who love to explore the wonderful flavours of Penang in every nook and cranny of the island. And, the good news is, we want to take you along with us to explore the very best of Penang food.