If you love ice dessert with the taste of coconut milk then you will like this cendol which is mountain of shaved ice soaked in coconut milk infused with pandan.

Cendol also sometimes spelled as chendol or chendul, it feels refreshing after enjoying it especially during the hot weather heat.

Cendol is rich in coconut milk taste and smooth cendol for you to enjoy. It also has shaved ice like the ice kacang but with slightly different ingredients. 

The sweet concoction is served with finely shaved ice and generously drizzled with palm sugar syrup, coconut milk, red bean and of course the cendol.

Some stalls do served the cendol with palm seeds, sweetcorn and roast peanuts for some extra crunch. Unlike the ice kacang, this cold treat is a blend of rich coconut flavour enhanced by its accompanying condiments. 

You’ll also find some cendol topped with pulut (glutinous rice), jackfruit, or with tapioca pearls folded into the ice. During the durian season, some stall will have a pungent flesh of the durian fruit.

The cendol is the little strings of rice-flour jelly like a worm shape. The green rice flour jelly is made from rice flour and pandan leaf. The pandan leaf made the cendol green and lending an aromatic flavour to it. 

The palm sugar syrup is know as gula melaka and it give additional flavour to the cendol instead of only sweetening the cendol.

The Malay and Indian versions of cendol, tends to have a sweeter palm sugar syrup and the coconut milk richer. 

Cendol is a very popular dessert in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Some even made it like a dessert drink. Explore the different cendol version when you happen to travel in Southeast Asian countries. 

Try out our Penang very own version of cendol when you are here.

Here are the few places one can enjoy it in George Town:

  1. Penang Road Famous Teochew cendol @ Lebuh Keng Kwee (10am – 7pm)
  2. Swallow Lane Ice Kacang @ New World Park, Jalan Burma (11am – 10pm)

3) Chow Rasta Ais Tingkap & Cendol @ Lebuh Tamil (11am – 7pm)

4) Penang Road Famous Ice Kacang Cendol @ Pengkalan Weld (next to Tan clan jetty) (10am – 7pm)