It looks similar like Indian Mee Goreng but the taste differs slightly. Because of its similarity, Mee Jawa goreng is often confused with Indian Mee goreng.

The attraction on this noodle is the crunchy groundnuts. The fried noodles itself is not spicy. Ensure you squeeze the given lime cut on the noodles while serve hot. You will enjoy the sweet and sour taste when noodles enter your mouth.

Typically this noodle dish is fried with gravy made from tomato sauce and prawn broth. Served with bean sprouts, soft-boiled potatoes, hard-boiled egg, slices of bean curd, slices of bbq pork and some comes with prawn fritters and prawn.

Sometimes the Mee Jawa goreng stalls do also sell the Mee Jawa soup type. The ingredient for this two dishes is almost similar.

The origin of this hawker fare is unclear but its name suggests that it is linked back to the heydays of the Java Peranakan as its varied ingredients suggest different cultures.

There is also another belief that the dish was introduced by the Indonesian Java or Minangkabau community when they settled in Penang.

It has become one of the many hawker staples that is uniquely flavoured and can be easily found in Penang, Malaysia.

Here are places in George Town you can try.

Roadside stall @ Jalan Trang (11am-5pm)

New Cathay Coffeeshop @ Jalan Burmah (8am – 12noon)

Cecil Street market food court @ Cecil Street (9am-5pm)