Toh Soon started out with just simple breakfast fare of coffee, toast and half-boiled eggs set up in this narrow alley sandwiched between some shophouses. Toh Soon Coffee stall that has been serving up Hainan-style toast and coffee since 1955.

Till today, the traditional Hainan-style coffee served at the coffee stall is a favourite among locals. Today, his son operates the stall with his wife and a team of workers. The stall is much the same with its small counter against the wall with large umbrellas and an awning to provide shade for the metal tables and chairs placed along the alley.

Today the preparation of the coffee is also done the traditional way; it is filtered, or rather slowly dripped into a tin mug, and then it is again poured into another filter before mixing with hot water and milk.

Traditionally, the bread was steamed and then slathered with butter and a sprinkling of sugar on top. Now you have the option of toasted bread and a choice of butter, homemade kaya or homemade peanut butter.

If you are not a fan of Hainan bread? They also have wholemeal bread, coffee bread and chocolate bread. They also have a nice nasi lemak wrap in banana leaf.

Every morning, and especially on weekends, a long queue snakes out from a narrow alleyway off Campbell Street here.

If you are turned off by the idea of joining the long snaking queue of people waiting to get a seat in popular alley cafe Toh Soon, you can now head over to its newly-opened cafe on Bishop Street.

Toh Soon Coffee

Off Campbell Street, George Town.

Time: 8am-4pm