This is another pork soup with vermicelli but with a different twist. Bak Kee th’ng (Starched Pork Soup) vermicelli is a soup of deep fried pork slices in starchy soup with garlic and cabbage. 

An authentic Hokkien cuisine which is becoming less and hard to find, and many people are more familiar with oh mee (oyster noodle) then the bak kee vermicelli soup. 

It is not mere plain pork meat balls or plain minced pork but seasoned minced pork dipped in cornstarch and deep-fried before it is cooked in a clear soup with cabbage and served with vermicelli.

The starch-coated pieces of pork are tender and smooth, while the cloudy, brownish soup is sweet from the cabbage and seasonings. The whole thing is garnished with chopped scallions and fried garlic.

What matters most in a good bowl of bak kee soup would be in the bones enhanced stock combined with the sweetness of the cabbages and starched pork slices.

The bak kee th’ng can be taken on its own without the vermicelli or with rice and other dishes for lunch or dinner.

Try out this bak kee vermicelli soup at  Carnavon street (5pm-11pm) or join our food exploration.