The Penang Char Koay Kak is something that you can only find in Penang even though some hawkers in other states try to cook it. But like many other Penang hawker food, it is not easy to replicate.

It is often mistaken as chai tau koay (radish cakes) but the Char Koay Kak here is made from rice cakes, not radish cakes, and prepared differently from the Teochew-style snack.

It is a simple dish and yummy. The ingredient for the Char Koay Kak is the rice cakes is being fried with bean sprout, radish and egg (optional) with dark soya sauce. If you prefer spicy then chill will be added. The quality of the dark sauce is important as it is the main thing to the taste of a good Char Koay Kak and the texture of the rice cakes is equally important.

The char koay kak can be eaten as a snack too but it is usually eaten as breakfast or supper. Finding a good plate of Penang Char Koay Kak can be challenging as there are not many people selling them nowadays. Here are a few Char Koay Kak stalls in George Town that we recommend for you to explore or you can join us too.

  1. By the roadside @ Kimberly Street (8am-11am)
  2. Seow Fong Lye cafe @ Macalister Lane (8am-11am)
  3. Jalan Burmah, infront Union primary school (8pm-11pm)