One of the best-loved staple food that Penangnites eat for their lunch or dinner will be the ubiquitous chicken rice.

Chicken Rice nevertheless it’s a comfort food that we constantly go for during lunch hours. This simple dish of luscious roasted chicken or poached served with delicious oiled rice.

Chicken rice is one of those simple dishes that can be quite extraordinary when it’s done right. The allure comes in the small things, the way the chicken is poached or roasted and the blend of the dipping sauce.

Most of the Chicken Rice is served with sliced cucumber, normally served with homemade chili sauce and pounded ginger and soy sauce. Chicken rice can be accompanied with a bowl of clear cabbage soup and additional chicken intestines, gizzards, livers and so on. Some stalls comes with asam fish soup or kiam chia boey soup (spicy sour mustard green vegetable soup).

A good plate of Chicken is not only about the chicken, the oiled rice is equally important. Each restaurant has its own recipe. The stock skimmed off during the poaching process is mixed with ginger, garlic and used to perfume the chicken rice. This adds a wonderfully amazingly tasty dimension and savory balance to the rice. The ultimate goal is that the rice is tasty enough to eat on its own.

Every bite taken off the perfectly sliced chicken will fill you with contentment and satisfaction due to the juiciness and tenderness of the meat.

Well roasted or poached chicken, tasty chilli sauce with yummy soup, this is the authentic Penang style Hainanese chicken rice everyone loves.

Here are few good stalls in George Town for you to enjoy.

Goh Thew Chik Hainan Chicken Rice @ Chulia Street (11am-3pm)

Wen Chang Hainan Chicken Rice @ Lebuh Cintra (11am-5pm)

Sin Nam Huat @ 171, Jalan Macalister (9.30am-4.30pm)

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice @ Jalan Burma (9am-6pm)