Penang Curry Mee (noodle) or also know as Penang White Curry Mee by tourist. Penang Curry Mee is certainly one of the best of a fragrant curry blend with noodles, seafood, tofu puffs that soaks the broth up.

There are many Penang curry mee varieties to be found, each with its own specific character. What differentiates Penang Curry Mee from the other curry mee or some called it curry laksa. The broth is light and white and serve with dried chili paste.

The dish, of which the soup is a combination of curry and coconut milk, is always a popular choice for a quick, hearty meal. A bowl of curry mee typically consists of yellow noodles and rice vermicelli with the addition of tofu puff, cockles, prawns, cuttlefish, cubes of pig’s blood and bean sprouts. The broth is light and when chili paste is add on, it will transforms the whole thing from a subtle broth to a “bowl of oomph” (enhance the taste). Be careful not to overload your bowl with the chilli paste, for the spiciness can be quite lethal.

The key thing to a good bowl of Curry Mee is the broth that holds the key to a perfect curry mee recipe. There are many different recipes, but all will share the same very fragrant and flavorful characteristics. The chilli paste is also equally important as it will enhance the broth.

Many tourist have also know of Penang White Curry Mee from a craze back then of a Penang instant noodle White Curry Mee by MyKuali and other producer. But having a bowl of Penang White Curry Mee will definitely a must have for spicy food lover when you are in Penang. It is mostly a breakfast or tea break meal to enjoy.

There are few good places in Penang and here we share with you the places to enjoy a bowl of Penang White Curry Mee in Georgetown. You can also join our food exploration to experience the most authentic White Curry Mee and other street food in Penang.

  1. Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee
  2. Hot Bowl White Curry Mee @ 58 Jalan Rangoon 
  3. Chulia Street night Street hawker
  4. Cecil Street market White Curry Mee