It is soft, sweet and fluffy, apom which is a common food in Penang that resembles pancake or crepes, Apom is a traditional Indian snack. It is popular for breakfast or just snacking. This apom is also known as Indian Apom or Apom Manis.

To make the apom a ladles of the thick, creamy mixture of flour, coconut milk, sugar and eggs are poured into woks consecutively and then the batter is swirled around to form a thin layer with a soft, spongy centre.

The woks are covered for a few minutes and then the apoms are flipped over with a fork. It is done when it’s a nice brown colour with crisp edges.

For those who want a more filling apom, then you can add an egg on to it. The drawback would be its softer texture. Besides that, the extra egg dilutes the batter making the apom taste less sweet.

The traditional away of making apom is using charcoal stove and clay pots instead of gas heated steel pots. A good apom has to be crispy on the side, while the middle is thick and soft.

Here are the places in George Town that you can try on.

Apom Stall @ 173, Jalan Dato Keramat (5pm-9pm)

Apom Stall @ junction of Chulia Street and Chulia Lane (6pm-10pm)