Maggie goreng is one of the favourite dish that everyone would love to have it for supper in Malaysia.

Instant noodles — ubiquitously referred to as Maggi mee in Malaysia, no matter the brand. It is the favourite of many and a staple in many households.

Although it is something most of us eat at home, instant noodles are found on the menu at most mamak and hawker stalls. Somehow Maggi goreng (fried instant noodles) is very popular, especially for supper or late-night meals.

The dish is jazzed up with additional ingredients like onion, vegetables, chicken and is sometimes topped with a fried egg and sausage. For a slight tangy taste, add a squeeze of calamansi lime juice over the noodles and dig in.

The seasoning from the instant noodle packet is added along with a mixture of sauces for a unique spicy and savoury flavour. Some stalls have their own signature flavourings that range from tomyam to tomato-based concoctions.

If you ever hungry in the late-night, here are some of the more popular spots for a good plate of Maggi goreng in George Town.

Restoran KSB Cahaya @ Macalister Lane (7pm-5am)

Yunus Khan Restaurant (Jiao Sai) @ Abu Siti Lane (5 PM-Midnight)

Stall at Car Park @ 20, Jalan Anson (8 AM- 5 PM)