Popiah basah is like a Vietnamese summer roll or a vegetarian Malaysian buritto version which is simple and delicious, except the skin or wrapper is of different texture and thickness.

Unlike the Chinese poh piah, which is has diced shrimps, the Malay or Indian muslim version of the Popiah is vegetarian based. It is also called popiah basah which translated as wet popiah.

Popiah Basah is a simple dish, the popiah fillings consist of jicama, bean sprouts and eggs. The shredded jicama is cooked with some turmeric, giving it an added flavour.

The topping is mashed cooked firm tofu and a scattering of fried shallots.

Once rolled up with the popiah skin which is a soft and thin like crepe and cut into pieces and douse the dish with a scoop of stewed jicama gravy over it. Then slather on savoury and spicy sauces before serving it on a plastic plate or wrap it up for takeaway.

The end-result is quite different from the Chinese poh piah as there are beansprouts and thicker, savoury sauces generously slathered on top.

Popiah basah used to sell at school front during school dismiss time for the kids to get some snacks while waiting for their bus or parent to pick them up. There are not many stall selling popiah basah nowadays.

Here are stalls for you to try out in George Town or join us to explore this stall,

Padang Brown hawker centre @ Jalan Johor (12pm-5pm)

Astaka Stadium @ Jalan Perak